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°° EP6410     Single board computers °°

EP6410 Highligts:

  . Rugged Single Board Computer(120mmx100mm) achieved through modern SMD technology
  . Improved interference safety achieved through multi-layer PCB technology and dedicated ground pins
  . Controller signals and ports extend to connectors aligning two sides of the board
  . Four Ready-to-Run software package: WinCE6.0, Linux2.6.24, Android and
  . Processor: ARM11 Samsung S3C6410, ARM1176JZF-S, up to 667MHz.
  . Power supply: +12V
  . 128MB Mobile DDR SDRAM, 266MHz, Samsung K4X51163PC
  . 256MB NAND Flash, Samsung K2F2G08
  . 2M Bytes NOR Flash, AMD AM29LV160DB
  . SDIO WIFI Module, supporting IEEE802.11b/g
  . LCD/Touch Screen interface. Supporting 3.5 inch TFT LCD, 4.3 inch TFT LCD and 7 inch TFT LCD.
  . Many modules are available for your choice- GPS, WIFI, Camera, USB Bluetooth,USB HUB+4x4 Matrix Keyboard and USB 3G Modem
  . 24 GPIO ,4 ADC,1 IIC and MMC connectors
  . One audio input interface (3.5mm audio jack) 
  2 high speed SPI
  . One 2-channel audio output interface (3.5mm audio jack)
  . One 100M Ethernet interface (RJ45) 
  . One USB2.0 Host port 
  . One USB2.0 Device port (Mini USB type interface)
  . Four serial ports (Two are five-wire RS-232 DB9 interface, another two are three-wire TTL serial ports
    led out from expansion connectors ) 
  . SD/MMC interface (supports 3.3V and 1.8V logic voltage)
  . Camera interface (10x2 pins header, supporting the mode of ITU-R 601/656 8bit) 
  . One 5x2 pins JTAG interface
  . Seven buttons (Reset, Boot, User defined, On/Off)
  . CPU Working temperature: -20°„C to 70°„C

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